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We are SO excited to bring Halotherapy to you at the Laurel Spa

Not quite sure what Halotherapy is? You may have heard of salt therapy before- or at least have seen the Himalayan salt lamps that are everywhere as of late. Halotherapy is a healing modality that emanates the salt caves where these Himalayan salt lamps are mined from.

It is actually an ancient therapy that was discovered in Europe, It was noted that salt cave miners had much better respiratory health than the average person, and were able to get over sickness easily. The affects of the salt were further studied and the health benefits were verified. Since this time, salt caves have been popping up all over Europe, but are fairly new to the United States.

Have you ever been near a waterfall or outside right after the rain or a thunderstorm and noticed that the air quality is different? That you can feel how healthy the air feels to breathe in? Most of the time we feel happier and less depressed when we are exposed to nature in this sense. That is because the air in these places contains more negative ions, which can be created when water crashes. These negative ions are great because they neutralize positive ions, which are released from things like electronics and pollution.

The Halotherapy part comes in when we are able to breathe in tiny salt particles released into the air in an environment like a salt mine.. Besides the ions in salt, it is a natural cleanser to our respiratory system. Salt attaches to the tiny fibers in our respiratory tract that can hold onto virus, bacteria, and pollution. Because salt is naturally anti-bacterial, it can help to clear a lot of this and leave you breathing easier. 

In our salt cave, we have salt diffusers that push therapeutic grade salt into the air in microscopic particles so that you can relax and breathe in all of the benefits.

The pores on the bottom of your feet are (surprisingly) the largest on your body. This is why the feet can be used to help cleanse and detoxify the body. You may have heard of using essential oils on the bottom of the feet, and this is why. Our salt cave has a floor covered in Himalayan salt, so you can let your feet sink in and detoxify the body. The best part? All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

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