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Bodyworks Wellness Studios

Yoga Etiquette Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Bodyworks Wellness Studios
A few things you should know to enhance your learning and practice

. Please know we have a 24 hour cancellation policy, which is to cancel, change or to reschedule your appointment.  If you do not show for a session you will be charged in full.  If you book within the 24 hours you will be charged in full for the session. 

.  If you have not purchased your matt space on line, we ask that you arrive 20 min. before scheduled class to purchase “drop in” matt space.  Cash or cc accepted
.  You have signed into class and signed the liability form
. Students please arrive 15 min. early in order to settle in.
.  Classes will begin on time.  If door is closed, class has begun and we ask that out of respect you do not walk in or knock to be let in. Unfortunately you paid for that matt space and it is not interchangeable for another.  There are no refunds.
.  Please remove your shoes outside in the shoe rack provided.  We practice in bare feet
.  All cell phones need to be turned off before entering the class
.  If needing to leave to use restroom, please exit and re-enter quietly
. Stay for the entire class.   If you need to leave the class early, please inform the teacher beforehand and exit before final relaxation.
.  Yoga mats need to be sanitized after use, cleaning supplies are located in back of room by props
.  Wear comfortable exercise clothing
.  Please maintain personal hygiene and body odor
.  Refrain from wearing strong perfume, cologne
.  Ask questions about anything that is not clear to you.  You may ask during class when appropriate or if time allows after class, remembering the instructor has another class to set up for.  If extensive you may have to set up a personal session (charge applies)
.  Yoga is noncompetitive.   The purpose is to calm the mind, stimulate and open the heart. Yoga makes the body stronger, more flexible and generally much healthier
.  Be kind and loving to yourself by accepting where you are.  It is okay to come out of a pose before the instructor tells you to.  Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are.
.  No experience or flexibility is required to practice Yoga.  Yoga is for everyone
.  Adjustments; if you wish not to be adjusted or touched when appropriate to the pose, please inform your teacher before the class begins
. Finally, most classes will begin with a dedication, setting an intention, practicing inner spirit, not religion.  Most classes will end with the gesture of closing thoughts or saying “Namaste”.  This simply means: The light within me acknowledges and honors the same light within you, we are one.

                                   “Thank you for taking the time to practice today”

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