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Types of Massage

We've all asked the question- what is the difference between all of these massage types? Which one should I book? Looking at all the different types of massage offered these days, its easy to understand why so many people would be confused as to which type of massage would be best for them.

A Swedish massage is what most people think of when they think "massage".

Swedish massages use a light to medium touch to relax the body and release tension from the muscles. The goal of this service is complete relaxation while simultaneously massaging out knots and tension.

A deep tissue massage can use some techniques similar to a Swedish massage, but the pressure is more intense. More pressure is used and often applied to more specific areas. The goal here is to reduce problem areas and can be combined with some relaxation massage.

Reflexology applies massage and pressure on specific spots on the hands/feet that are believed to correspond with different organs in the body.

Bamboo massage uses heated bamboo stalks to roll on the skin and apply pressure where needed to release tension and tightness. This type of massage works to bring more circulation to the skin.

Bamboo can also be used for lomi lomi massage, which is a rhythmic and harmonious Hawaiian art. During this service, you can expect to benefit from all of the healing properties of bamboo while also enjoying the flow of lomi lomi.

Shiatsu massage uses acupressure to alleviate blockages that occur with stress and poor diet.

During stone therapy, smooth Basalt Lava stones are used to manipulate the soft tissue of your body. You can choose from hot stones, cold stones, or some of both. The hot stones are beneficial in helping muscles of the body to relax during massage. Cold lava stones serve as a powerful decongestant, while a combination of both help your body to heal and rejuvenate.

With all of the different types of massage, it can be difficult to decide which type to try first. Think of trying whichever of these massage types seems the most appealing to you, and maybe try another one the next time! You are guaranteed to feel great after any of them!

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